• Anoop Saxena, 59, was one of hundreds of thousands of Indians who fell sick with Covid at the end of April.

    And like so many, the father from Ghaziabad city in northern India became so sick he needed to be treated in a hospital.

    But India's hospitals have been overwhelmed, and beds and oxygen were all in short supply at the start of May - despite officials in Uttar Pradesh state, where Ghaziabad is located, continuing to insist there was no shortage either.

    What followed over the next few days was just one example of a family's desperate search for help, wherever they could find it. There are many thousands more across India, just like this.

    Here, we have recreated the Saxena family's battle.

    No test available

    Anoop has high fever on 29 April and the doctor asks him to get tested for Covid-19. The family tries to book a slot for home collection but the labs refuse, saying they don't have the manpower to provide the service.

    The family takes him to a public hospital. The queue is long, and Anoop's son Tushar wishes they could push ahead. But everyone in front of them is so sick.

    Two hours later, when Anoop faints in the line, they decide to bring him home.

    Anoop wakes on Saturday morning and tells his family that he is having difficulty breathing. The family gets a nebuliser - a small medical device for delivering a fine spray of a drug to patients - to help clear his airway.

    It helps briefly but his oxygen levels continue to drop. It's 10am, and the doctor advises Anoop needs to be admitted to a hospital. The family tries to arrange an ambulance but none is available and they don't own a car. They ask a cousin, who lives in the neighbouring district of Hapur, to bring his car to Ghaziabad - a journey of 27km (17 miles).

    The cousin arrives at Anoop's home in Akash Nagar at 2pm, but there is no sign of a hospital bed. It's now 4pm, they decide to take him to Gurdwara (Sikh temple) Sri Guru Singh Sabha where he is given oxygen from a cylinder. The family thanks the temple for running the free service for struggling families.

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